Dead Ringers is the only deathcare mystery phone shopping company. Established in 2015, Dead Ringers offers mystery phone shopping for funeral businesses, competitive analysis reporting and on-site phone training. Dead Ringers is owned and operated by Poul Lemasters, Esq. and Cole Imperi, CT—two prominent faces in the world of deathcare.



Dead Ringers is looking to hire part time Mystery Phone Shoppers. Hours are flexible. Mystery Phone Shoppers receive $5/call (it's possible to complete between 3–4 calls per hour) and are paid at the beginning of each month for all calls completed the month prior.

This position is responsible for:

  • Making calls to funeral businesses

  • Inputting contact information for call locations into an online database

  • Logging data for each call

  • Fulfilling a weekly call quota assigned by the Call Coordinator (number of calls will vary)

  • Communicating via email with the Call Coordinator

Calls are to be made mostly M–F between 9am and 5pm. Total workload per week may vary. Candidate can work from home!



We are seeking candidates from CCMS who intend to make a career in the deathcare profession. Candidates must be comfortable and familiar with email, Dropbox, and Google Forms. Candidate must have their own computer, access to WiFi, and iPhone/Android with an unlimited call plan (you will be making long-distance calls). Candidates will be provided with software that will allow them to record calls.

Candidates should be comfortable calling funeral homes, cemeteries, and other deathcare businesses, maintaining professionalism and confidentiality, and discussing death and death-related topics.


If you would like to be considered for this position, please fill out all of the fields below. 

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