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Call Analysis • Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

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DR-Product-Call Analysis.png

Call Analysis • Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

from 158.00

This package includes:

  • Mystery calls made to your business by our evaluators

  • Recordings of every conversation

  • An interactive Data Dashboard with infographics and exportable reports

  • Personalized tips to improve future calls

  • Option to schedule calls for specific dates

  • Option to choose from our call scripts for more specific data

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Purchase any Call Package for an in-depth inside look into how well your business is handling the almighty “First Call.” Each call comes with a Data Dashboard that compares your call scores against national averages in ten different categories.

We recommend 3–5 calls per location. If you don’t see the number of calls you’d like to purchase, please email Operations Manager Mandie Hungarland at mandie@deadringers.co.