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Does your staff handle calls appropriately? Are you making the most of every customer engagement? Are you treating every call like an opportunity instead of a chore?

Dead Ringers is committed to improving the deathcare profession, one call at a time. We are a mystery phone shopping company for the deathcare profession. We measure deathcare providers based on phone calls, website, and social media—the true elements of a first call. We then compile a detailed report that compares your scores against national averages. Our reports are divided into 10 categories to better pinpoint specific areas that need improvement.

Sometime in the past few months, Dead Ringers mystery phone shopped your business. How did you do?

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Your Wake-Up Call Package includes recordings of every call Dead Ringers made to your location, a Dead Ringers Analysis Report for each call, and a Summary Report. Our reports compare your scores in 10 specific areas against national averages, so you can clearly see which areas are excelling—and which areas need improvement. Purchase your exclusive BCFA Wake-Up Call Package today and take the first step toward improving your business.

*Please make sure that the quantity field matches the number of locations you are ordering for. For instance, if you have 5 business locations in British Columbia and you want call recordings and reports for each of them, you will have to purchase 5 Wake-Up Call Packages.

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